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30 September 2008 @ 09:32 pm
See yeah later Lushed.
If you all wanna find my icons,
you can do so at retroblur

26 September 2008 @ 10:31 am
Hey everyone,
It's been fun posting here, thanks to neutrals for accepting me. :]

If you still want to see my graphics--
zebraprinted zebraprinted zebraprinted

MOOD: chipper
26 September 2008 @ 01:49 pm
Hey guys :)

So with this community closing, I thought I would take my turn to tell you where I will be posting. If you want to see my stuff you can find it at either just_delicious or retroremake
25 September 2008 @ 08:10 pm

Hey everyone! You read it correctly, lushed is closing. I honestly just lost interest with this community and don't have the motivation to do it anymore.

However, I have decided to ask two of the makers from here to post with me at enticedlush and they have accepted. So, to see my graphics, as well as ciider (formally feelthefriction) and bikinifetish, please join our community. It includes icons, headers, mp3s, userinfo, and possibly layouts (when I get unlazy). There will only ever be three makers/posters and it's going to be a lot more simple.

Please join.

to the makers: thank you for all your hard work and dedication. you may make a post after this one to tell people where you'll be posting. I will be removing your access on sunday night.
14 September 2008 @ 12:57 am
Over 100 icons this post. DC stars at the VMA's, some OTH, Gossip Girl, HSM 3 etc

Comment. Credit. Enjoy.

Hover for numbers :)


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16 August 2008 @ 05:04 pm
Hello guys! I made bunch of 25 icons. Hope you'll like them!
Pictures spam - request is still open!
Fashion \ Models [001-016]
Stock (animals, nature, lips, eye) [017-025]
- Comments are love)
- Please credit!!!
- Only share!

You're so consumed with how much you get You waste your time with hate and regret You're broken When your heart is not openCollapse )
16 July 2008 @ 07:03 pm

just a little more love, just a little more peaceCollapse )
TUNES: David Guetta - Just A Little More Love
14 July 2008 @ 02:59 pm

shawty want a thug, bottles in the clubCollapse )
MOOD: lazy
TUNES: Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love
05 July 2008 @ 10:03 pm
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05 July 2008 @ 09:26 pm

currently accepting/not accepting
currently looking for 5+ makers

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